Assembled by a sheltered workshop.

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Burn calories fast, support disabled people, learn jumping rope from a multiple skipping champ

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100% made in Germany - support fair wages!


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Assembled by a local sheltered workshop.

Beads help you seeing and hearing WATE ROPE perfectly.

designed for winners with 20yrs experience

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What started at the age of 7... a passion turned a few years later into a profession. During my world trip I landed on a dump in Tanzania, teaching kids how to jump rope and watching them forget their worries for a moment.

This moment changed my life and made my vision clear that jump rope can change lives. I decided to make a living from jump rope and want to inspire others to follow their dreams and stay positive even in hard times.

Mira Waterkotte, Founder & Jump Rope Expert

(Multiple jump rope champion, Certified Rope Skipping coach & Ambassador for the sport of jump rope)