Join thousands worldwide, make your cardio fun again & support disabled people - WATE ROPE.


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find the right rythem, because of the noisy beads

Behindertenwerkstatt, Arbeiten mit Behinderten, Sheltered workshop project, jump rope disabled, jump rope handicapped, rope skipping handicapped project, Jump rope for hope

assembled by hand from people with disabilities

master tricks more effortless, because of the medium handle size


maintains shape & insensitive to temperature

I almost lost my eye sight because of my overweight

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Seil springen soziale Projekte, Jump Rope Social, jump rope with impact, pular corda social, jump ropes for kids

What started at the age of 7... a passion turned a few years later into a profession. During my world trip I landed on a dump in Tanzania, teaching kids how to jump rope and watching them forget their worries for a moment.

This moment changed my life and made my vision clear that jump rope can change lives. I decided to make a living from jump rope and want to inspire others to follow their dreams and stay positive even in hard times.

One of my biggest dreams is to make inclusive work and sustainable jump ropes more popular. Which why I created WATE ROPE 

Mira Waterkotte

Jump Rope Expert, multiple champion & cert. coach

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