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Jump Rope Expert Mira Wate

happy hope WATE ROPE + Introvideo (160g)

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You want to:

  • make cardio fun
  • impress your friends
  • increase your speed
  • jump rope smart not hard
  • feel happy

WATE ROPE helps you:

  • finding the right rythm, because of the noisy beads
  • master tricks like cross over effortless, because of it's medium handle lenght
  • burn calories fast, because of it´s perfect weight for all age & fitnesslevels

You honour and support:

  • people with disabilities, who assemble your rope
  • fair wages for local businesses
  • a traceable supply chain

 + 5min. Introductionvideo, where you learn:

How to size your WATE ROPE, how to build your WATE ROPE and how to start with WATE ROPE

Let´s go! :)