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ROPE for HOPE + 5min. Introvideo (160g)

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Both Instutions support kids and families. I interviewed both in person and saw how much they offer (theater, sports, listening and helping with problems). You can choose who you want to support. :) You can always buy 2 to support both. :)

Made by local german businesses, assembled by the sheltered workshop,

designed for:

  • every fitnesslevel
  • kids & adults (age 6-99)
  • high quality lovers

Insights: beads help you seeing and hearing the rope better, 170mm medium size wooden-handles are great for a comfortable and natural feel, timeless, modern & gender neutral design.

 + 5min.  Introductionvideo, you learn:

How to size your WATE ROPE, how to build your WATE ROPE, how to start with WATE ROPE.