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1 week online program + 1 original WATE ROPE *FREE SHIPPING

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1 original WATE ROPE (160g)

Made by local german businesses, assembled by the sheltered workshop,

designed for:

  • every fitnesslevel
  • kids & adults (age 6-99)
  • high quality lovers

Insights: beads help you seeing and hearing the rope better, 170mm medium size wooden-handles are great for a comfortable and natural feel, timeless, modern & gender neutral design.

    + 1 week video program to learn in your own pace (eng/permanently available/c. 45min.)

    I coached more than 3500 people worldwide and I designed a 1 week STARTER JUMP ROPE PROGRAM to rewatch and to do anytime and anywhere. Learn more? Check the VIP Package.

    1. detailed Introduction into WATE ROPES
    2. learn top 4 beginner jump rope skills step by step +1 beginner workout with music
    3. 1 lunchbreak workout with music