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1 week online program + 1 original WATE ROPE *FREE SHIPPING

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1 original WATE ROPE (160g)

Made by local german businesses, assembled by the sheltered workshop,

designed for:

  • every fitnesslevel
  • kids & adults (age 6-99)
  • high quality lovers

Insights: beads help you seeing and hearing the rope better, 170mm medium size wooden-handles are great for a comfortable and natural feel, timeless, modern & gender neutral design.

    + 1 week video program to learn in your own pace (eng/permanently available/c. 45min.)

    I coached more than 3500 people worldwide and I designed a 1 week STARTER JUMP ROPE PROGRAM to rewatch and to do anytime and anywhere. Learn more? Check the VIP Package.

    1. Basic WATE ROPE Intro (c. 5min.)
    2. detailed Introduction into WATE ROPES (c. 9min.)
    3. learn top 4 beginner jump rope skills step by step +1 beginner workout with music (c. 30min.)
    4. 1 lunchbreak workout with music (c. 4min.)