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4 week online program + 1 original WATE ROPE *FREE SHIPPING

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    4 weeks video program to learn in your own pace (eng/c. 2.5h)

    I coached more than 7000 people worldwide and I designed a 4 week STARTER JUMP ROPE PROGRAM to rewatch and to do anywhere.

    1. basic introduction into WATE ROPES (5min.)
    2. detailed Introduction (rope size, posture, where to start?) (9min.)
    3. learn 16 Beginner skills (basic & advanced footwork: double bounce, basic jump, speed step, side swing, side straddle, x-motion, a rope release, criss cross [cross over], Kick, knee up, forward straddle, basic turn, shuffle, fake push up, double under & techniques, wrap + 1 bonus trick) (c. 120min.)
    4. 4 beginner workout routines with music (c.2-4min.)
    5. 4 lunchbreak workouts with music (c. 4min.)


    + 1 original WATE ROPE (160g)

    You want to:

    • make cardio fun
    • impress your friends
    • increase your speed
    • jump rope smart not hard
    • feel happy

    WATE ROPE helps you:

    • finding the right rythm, because of the noisy beads
    • master tricks like cross over effortless, because of it's medium handle lenght
    • burn calories fast, because of it´s perfect weight for all age & fitnesslevels

    You honour and support:

    • people with disabilities, who assemble your rope
    • fair wages for local businesses
    • a traceable supply chain

    Let´s go! :)