JOIN worlds 1. international jump rope retreat

4. February for 7 days in Thailand

  • 15H WINNER Training

    Having fun drilling our fitness with the jump rope in cool games and challenges. We build strengt, more confidence and boost our happiness level. We will also learn new skipping tricks for beginners and pros and how to build tricks into combos. Together we will create trick routines to music. Plus you have access to CrossFit & MuyThai classes and a 25m pool.

  • 10H FUN Activity

    The most fun part besides the rope skipping sessions are activities. We do single and group activities, which are for example sunset paddle boarding and a beach massage.

  • BEACH Accomodation

    You can choose between two accommodation options which I visited/stayed myself. (original photo: Banana fan sea). Food isn't included but can be provided.

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